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Action and Adventure Films

If it’s good enough for the governor of California it should be good enough for us. How many people would have predicted when he was busy beating people up on the big screen that politics was in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s future? We may not have known about his future, but we sure did enjoy watching those movies. And we enjoy plenty of other action and adventure films as well. Some of the most popular films every year come from this genre. Bruce Willis entertained us in the Die Hard films (at least the first one) as a wisecracking police officer caught in the middle of a terrorist plot. Matt Damon has kept us busy with the dizzying array of chase sequences and fights to the death in the "Bourne" movies. Going back a bit Clint Eastwood gave us plenty of violence and his classic deadpan delivery in the "Dirty Harry" movies. The list goes on and on. Sylvester Stallone, Steven Seagal, and Wesley Snipes are among the actors who have made a career out of the action and adventure genre.

During the movie Skyfall, the character of M speaks a quote by Tennyson. The quote is from Ulysses, published in 1833. Read the full quote, plus links to the rest of Tennyson’s works.

15 CHINA O’BRIEN (1988) Movie Reviewby Keith Abt (427 followers)

"China O’Brien" is a 1988 martial arts/action film starring five time World Karate champion Cynthia Rothrock as a woman who cleans up her crime infested home town.

6 How The North American Release of the Shaw Brothers Movies Was Botchedby stethacantus (44 followers)

Once expected to be best sellers, the DVDs of movies from Honk Kong’s Shaw Brothers studios have sold so poorly that no company wants to release any more of them. This is why they failed.

87 10 reasons why Spiderman is better than Batmanby Pete (340 followers)

Spiderman versus Batman. With the release of "The Amazing Spiderman" and "The Dark Knight Rises" in the summer of 2012, let’s take a look at the leading characters and examine why Spiderman is.

0 Movies Like Limitless: 12 Similar Mind Blowing Movies To Watchby hclpd (13 followers)

Are you looking for mind expanding movies like Limitless? Well, you have landed on the right place. I have got you covered with this ultimate list. The Amazing Spiderman is out in movie theatres now, and Man of Steel is set to be released in 2013, so let take a look at these two superheroes and see why Spiderman is better than.

EDITOR’S CHOICE8 The Best Action Movies to Watch on a Rainy Dayby Brittany Kennedy (425 followers)

This is a list of the best action movies for a rainy day. There are trailers, ratings and need to know info so you don’t have to search around.

EDITOR’S CHOICE7 Top Ten Famous Pirates in the Moviesby lafenty (283 followers)

In general, pirates are a dirty, smelly, murderous bunch of thieves, but yet we find them most appealing. Perhaps it is the Hollywood treatment or pirates that has made them so dear to our hearts.

48 Runaway Train UNSTOPPABLE True Courageby Patty Inglish (6,710 followers)

The engineer in a single man crew got out of his locomotive and 8888 ran away on a freight haul in May 2001, just four months prior to 9/11. It traveled on its own at up to 47 mph for almost 2 hours from near Toledo to.

12 1983’s Battle of the Bonds: "Octopussy" vs. "Never Say Never Again"by Keith Abt (427 followers)

James Bond fans had two 007 movies to choose from in 1983 Roger Moore’s "Octopussy" and Sean Connery’s "Never Say Never Again," which was made by a rival studio after a long legal battle.

2 Original vs. Remake: Red Dawn (1984) vs. Red Dawn (2012)by Thief12 (154 followers)

A group of teenagers are forced to fight against a Communist invasion in their hometown. Who will get the upper hand?

2 The Expendables Trilogy: Action, Violence, Fun, and Machismoby Thief12 (154 followers)

The Expendables trilogy tries, and some would say, succeeds in bringing back the "brainless" action genre that was so popular during the 80’s and 90’s.

2 12 Movies Like Inception Mind Bending Movies You Should Watchby hclpd (13 followers)

Are you looking for movies like Inception? It’s a great movie , so it’s only fitting to look for some similar movies once you are done. Don’t worry, I have got you covered with my list.

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