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Facebook’s mobile ad sales trounce estimates again

I used to think that FB was over hyped and it’s days were numbered but as the results had shown, I was wrong. Well, it seems like Mark his team had managed to grow the business into a multitude of opportunities, which augurs well for FB in the long term. In fact, buying over Instagram was a very smart move, which enabled them to move out of their comfort zone, so now, we can celebrate their success with our own gains as well. I’m glad that I changed my mind about FB before the results today, as it was trending down all day, and being the gambler that I am, I bucked the trend and bought into FB again (left it behind some months ago) because every forecast was saying good things about it. That should stimulate the market for at least a week or two before the dust settles and we go back to what we were doing before.

longday, I don’t think it will pull a FEYE for one simple reason: FEYE is a new IPO, so it has a relatively small number of shares in the market, which allows it to make HUGE moves on relatively small volume. In March some time, the lockup expires and the big corporate shareholders will be able to sell their shares, and then it will become a more ‘normal’ stock. In contrast, Facebook has a gigantic number of outstanding shares, because their lockup expired a long time ago, plus they added more shares during a secondary offering in December or whenever that was recently.

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